Slot Overview, Reel Desire

Disco is a historical period that appears to have died swiftly at the time, but which has persisted in some way or another ever since. It makes frequent (although uneven) appearances in modern media. Big Time Gaming’s Danger! High Voltage was a smashing success because to its electrifying visuals and daredevil spirit. It’s not like it’s a particularly novel concept, but as in every successful field, imitations soon followed. Reel Desire, a slot machine from Yggdrasil Gaming with a disco theme, is a clear example of this.

Reel Desire is remarkably similar to Electric Avenue, a film by All41 Studios that was itself a ripoff of Danger! High potential. Both have opted for a neon 1980s aesthetic, with Yggdrasil’s taking place within a club called Reel Desire. Neon-lit cupids, kisses, and love signs decorate the background of a slot machine with five reels and 1,024 ways to win. Disco was all about the music, the crazy outfits, and the wild dance techniques, such as platform shoes, medallions, and open-chested shirts. In this regard, the music included in Reel Desire is catchy enough to encourage some light tapping. While not as visually stunning as other Yggdrasil slots, Reel Desire is still rather good-looking.

Reel Desire’s underlying statistics are appealing, making it a good choice for risk-takers and high-rollers who are after big payouts. One reason for this is the combination of a low hit percentage (25.7%) with enormous potential and extreme volatility. The volatility of the game’s two halves was moderated by elements that looked to be purposefully positioned to minimize returns most of the time, but as our video shows, single-spin victories may be outrageous. Most gamers will like the 96% RTP, which is in line with the unofficial slot average, and the wide range of betting options (from 25 p/c to £/€75 per spin). Disco being the egalitarian hobby it is, all means necessary to recapture the golden days are fair game.

Diamonds, clubs, spades, and hearts in neon light, textured like an LP record, are the most prominent symbols, followed by eyewear, jewelry, footwear, and a Casio wristwatch that have all made a resurgence in recent years. Both the youthful Don Johnson look-alike and the fly chick symbol pay out between 16 and 20 times the wager for a full house. Wilds are useful in this pursuit, but they are dependent on a few other elements, so let’s take a look at those now.

Desire on the Reels: Slot Functions

The slot was inspired by All41’s version, and while the concept is reminiscent to Electric Avenue, the features harken back much farther. Two variations of “Free Spins” are included, as well as “Double Wilds” and “Reel Desire.”

The cassette tape acts as a substitute for other symbols to complete winning combinations and can appear on any reel. A Double Wild can occur on reels 2, 3, or 4 at any time during the main game. This wild card doubles any bonus it contributes. When these symbols drop, they linger around for another spin.

The Reel Desire bonus round is a unique addition to the regular game as well. Inspired by Microgaming’s iconic Immortal Romance slot machine and its Wild Desire feature, this bonus can randomly transform anywhere from one to five reels into a wild.

The ghetto blaster scatter sign is the last symbol on the paytable. If there are three or more in sight, you will receive 10 bonus spins. If four or five come in, you win an additional 50x or 500x your wager, respectively. There are two types of free spins that players may select from. One of them is called Sticky Wilds, and it means that all wild symbols will remain sticky for the remainder of the free spins round. Alternatively, a win multiplier is increased by one with each successful spin. In the bonus round, free spins can be retriggered in the same manner they do in the main game.

A Slot Machine’s Final Verdict on the Subject of Reel Desire

Simply said, if Danger! If High Voltage and Electric Avenue had an affair, their kid might look a lot like Reel Desire, even if it wouldn’t be genuine. All three are going for the same retro dance sound of the 1970s and 1980s. The features are also frighteningly similar, with full reel wilds and free spins with sticky wilds or multipliers. Although the three video games are similar, they are not identical, and Reel Desire is not an obvious rip-off as Electric Avenue was. For instance, instead of High Voltage Wilds, you receive a progressive win multiplier, but otherwise, they’re very similar.

The Yggdrasil game lacks the brash verve of Danger! High Voltage, but if the greatest payouts are what you’re wanting, Reel Desire is the way to go. In Reel Desire, you may win up to 20,480 times your initial wager if you get a complete screen of wilds and premium symbols. Knowing that this is all based on a single spin and is possible at any point in the main game increases the stress. The Reel Desire feature and the sporadic appearance of Double Wilds can lead to respectable payouts even when the reels are not completely filled.

The hit frequency for free spins was not accessible, which was disappointing given how slowly they triggered. Bonus games weren’t as thrilling once inside, though, compared to Danger! There is the potential for high voltage to be harmful. The progressive multiplier operates as well as can be expected from a feature of this sort, however it lacks the excitement of the High Voltage free spins bonus.

In this way, while Reel Desire may seem like a rip-off of other games, it really ends up serving its players rather well. The pool of disco slots to choose from has broadened, and Reel Desire stands out for several positive reasons. The numbers seem good, there’s a lot of room for growth, and the gameplay has some fun grooves. When one person sets the pace, others will follow, just as with disco or any other fad.